Ice-T Reveals He’s ‘Never Eaten a Bagel in My Life’ — and the Internet is Losing it!

Ice-T has the Internet shook to its core.

The Law & Order: SVU actor, 60, shocked his Twitter followers on Friday when a fan asked what his favorite bagel was and the star revealed he’s never eaten one.

“Lol. I’ve never eaten a Bagel in my life…” he tweeted.

In addition, Ice-T, who was born Tracy Lauren Marrow, went on to reveal another shocking revelation: he’s never sampled coffee before. “I’ve never drank a cup of Coffee either… Go CRAZY!!!” he joked.


Ice-T’s tweet
Ice T/Twitter

Ice-T’s Twitter

Even Philadelphia Cream Cheese tweeted at Ice-T and offered to treat him to the breakfast favorite.

“Ice, we’re trying to remain calm, we’re just having a hard time letting you miss out on deliciousness,” the company wrote. “We’d be happy to send you some bagels and cream cheese so you can see for yourself. Thoughts?”


Needless to say, the Twittersphere couldn’t believe the news and started trolling the actor for his nutritional choices and preferences.

Many shared their disbelief and interest — especially given that he plays a police offer on SVU and films in New York City — while others went for a different route, sharing how they were sad by the revelation.

“Ice this might end our friendship,” wrote one Twitter user.

“What do you have against bagels” added another, while someone else joked, “I’m calling the police.”


But in the actor’s true laidback fashion, he was not bothered by any of their comments. “It’s like I said ‘I hate anyone who eats Bagels!’ Lol these MFs…” he wrote in one tweet.

“Don’t lose your Fn minds because I’ve never eaten a Bagle[sic].. Take it easy…. lol” he responded to another fan.

He also argued that television was made up when one follower argued that his character ate a cinnamon raisin bagel on the NBC crime drama.



Recently, Ice-T was arrested in New York by Port Authority police after he allegedly evaded a toll while approaching George Washington Bridge on the New Jersey side. As he was driving a brand-new McLaren, Ice-T reportedly attempted to cross the bridge in the E-ZPass lane but was pulled over by police officers.

He was charged with theft of services, issued a summons and was released on his own recognizance, The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey confirmed to PEOPLE. He was also issued a summons for not having plates and registration.

Ice-T confirmed the arrest on Twitter on Oct. 24, writing, “Cops went a little Extra. Coulda just wrote a ticket. In and out.. Moovin.”

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